Rachel Eshkol

With over 20 years of experience, Rachel Eshkol is one of the most gifted minds in the field of jewelry design.

She harnesses her inspiration from her extensive travels around the world. This supplements her art with layers of diverse cultural appeals. Her recent collection comprises of 14K and 18K gold, along with sterling silver, and reveals her inspired emphasis on ancient maritime treasures.

Eshkol is a graduate in Jewelry Design from the WIZO Haifa College. Her art’s flair is embodied by bold minimalism, insistent elegance, and stylish originality. Much of her creativity originates from blending modern finishes with timeless ancient styles and tastefully meshing precious stones with raw materials. Eshkol often draws on ancient cultural themes and natural textures for inspiration, and the stunning duality between modern and ancient styles is unmistakable in her work.

Art to Wear

Handcrafted 14K Gold Ring with Glamorous 1/2 ct. Diamond

This attractive 14K gold ring with 1/2 carats of diamond is unlike any other selection you are likely to discover. The ...

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Attractive Artisan Crafted 14K White Gold Ring with Bands of 3/4 ct. Diamonds

The stunning nature of this artisan crafted women's 14K white gold ring with 3/4 ct. diamonds is simply breathtaking to behold. ...

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Chic Artisan Crafted 14K Gold Ring

This artisan crafted 14K gold ring offers a truly unique appearance that achieves a stylishly chic look that is certain ...

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Artisan Crafted 14K Gold Ring with Elegantly Designed Flourish

This beautifully designed 14K gold ring displays the artistic creativity that accompanies handcrafted jewelry. This selection features graceful flourishes of ...

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Handcrafted 14K Gold Ring with Sapphires and 3/5 ct. Diamonds

This handcrafted 14K gold ring with sapphires and diamonds is a nice selection that garners definite appreciation. Featuring a uniquely ...

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Brilliantly Handcrafted 14K Gold Ring with Alluring Sapphires Settings

The graceful beauty found in this handcrafted 14K gold ring with sapphires offers significant stylish appeal. The polished shoulders of ...

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Handcrafted 14K Gold Ring with 1/3 Carat Diamonds

Featuring a design that signifies refined elegance and craftsmanship, this handcrafted women's 14K gold ring with 1/3 carats of finely cut ...

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Handcrafted 14K Gold Ring with Dazzling 4/10 ct. Diamonds

This 14K gold ring is set with 4/10 carat diamond. It is beautifully handcrafted, the perfect jeweled accessory. It features an ...

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Silver Judaic Collection

Flaunt this intricate and sophisticated collection today, and bring a piece of heritage with you.

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Rope Collection

Make this enthralling rope-inspired collection yours. The rope is an item often used in maritime activities.

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Nautical Jewelry

Connect with the mystical essence of the ocean in this stunning collection. The nautical wheel and anchor

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Shipwreck Coin Collection

Indulge in the majestic elegance of Spanish history with this charming and captivating collection.

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Age Collection

Treat yourself to this timeless gold and silver collection. Each art to wear is carefully crafted

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