One Kind Art is an exclusive online art gallery that exhibits some of the most distinctive and talented artists around the world, showcasing fresh creativity from a cornucopia of cultures and charms. Unlike other online galleries, these artists craft customized pieces for clients, ensuring clients have original creations they adore. Additionally, the gallery features upcoming artists. This provides artists with a global platform capable of reaching an even wider audience.

Orna Kadosh


Orna Kadosh dreams of a world where exceptional artists are readily available to tailor their creations to a client’s unique preferences. She dreams of a world where clients don’t have to search exhaustively for the one piece that truly evokes excitement, the one piece that truly expresses who they are.

As a result, Kadosh has founded One Kind Art to bridge artists with clients.  Through the platform, Kadosh personally curates talented artists and exposes their striking creations to the world. Every piece for sale is one that she unconditionally loves, and expects will bring about the same reaction for each client.

Kadosh has an extensive background in art, design, sales, and project management. She grew up in a household of artists, which enabled her to develop a keen eye for artistic expression early on. Her tastes often blend originality, nature, and movements of the body. In fact, her favorite works emphasize unique creativity, ones that are outside of the norm.

Kadosh particularly enjoys searching for stimulating art from upcoming artists. This fascination blossomed during her work at an interior design firm, where she spent years helping clients create their ideal spaces, including stylized nuances in color, texture, and design. Over the years, Kadosh has cultivated trusting relationships with both artists and art clients. One Kind Art helps these parties connect.