Rachel Eshkol

Handcrafted 14K Gold Ring with Regal Amethyst Gemstone


This handcrafted 14K gold ring is made with multi-faceted, deep purple amethyst gemstone. The oval amethyst gemstone is set in fine 14K gold that gently rises above the ring body. The body of the ring itself has been carefully worked by hand, exuding the highest quality of jewelry craftsmanship.

Weight 8.5 lbs

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This handcrafted 14K gold ring with amethyst is alluring, with definitive elegant appeal. Multi-faceted, the deep purple amethyst gemstone’s coloring conveys royal majesty. The oval gemstone is set in an elevated gold framing that extends slightly from the ring’s shoulders. The body of the ring itself has a pleasing artisan worked quality that highlights the apex of quality handcrafted jewelry.