Aviva Stanoff

Wild Silk Chalk


Size: 20" x 20"

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Wild Silk – Wild silks are cruelty free yes, cruelty free silk! The cocoons are collected from the wild – the silkworms choose to leave them, and go about their lives. They continue on their path and the discarded tiny houses become our destiny. Each is made one at a time, beautifully combining cottons, sari silks, and gorgeous Metallic yarns. Wild Silk should really be called “cruelty free fabulous silks combined with other materials from our mother earth” but we thought maybe that was a little too long. If that wasn’t enough there is a collective of ladies that use old school looms from a time ago. This collection carries on a long history of hand looming in India. Our master loomer Ms. Rita is very pleased that her weavings find happy homes and keep her lovely ladies working.